dee is giving out the ICE BREAKER ZINE at xoxo fest 2018


a zine with prompts/activities to help you doodle about yourself as an introduction to others

>> print out your own copy of the ICE BREAKER ZINE here <<

assembly directions: "Single-page options" -> "An 8-sided zine from 1 sheet with 1 cut" section on wiki books

dee is making standardized testing: the game (a narrative) right now.

standardized testing: the game (a narrative)

STANDARDIZED TESTING: tg(an) is an interactive zine that explores filling out forms with an exotic background.

You play as young Sampaguita, learning how to navigate the world.

If you're tickled by issues of race, particularly of seeing the story of Sampaguita, a THIRD CULTURE INDIVIDUAL, feel free to check out the prototype.

>> check out the prototype at <<

dee is making Pal Pal right now.

Pal Pal [title in progress]

Pal Pal is a mobile game about a world where you encounter vegetables, learn how to connect and form friendships with these weirdies, and nurture those relationships and your understanding of this world.

It's a mobile collection friendship game where you don't make friends with everybody!

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